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1 - I cannot open the school’s computers, what can I do? (For staff)

If you cannot open the school’s computers, please contact the IT Center and request them to open an account to login from students’ computers. After the account’s opening, you will receive a notification email and then you can begin to use students’ computers.

2 - I cannot open the school’s computers, what can I do? (For students)

If you cannot open school’s computers, primarily try to change your password through OIS. To make a password change in OIS, after opening your OIS account, click on Other Operations and then on the drop-down menu change your password from the Change Password section. If you cannot login after changing your password, please contact the IT Center.

3 - Pricing of online documents.

Sealed and closed transcript document costs 5 TL. All the other documents are for free apart from the sealed and closed transcript.

4 - Will the make-up scores be seen on another transcript?

The scores on each student’s transcript will be updated simultaneously when professors enter the scores to the system.

5 - Which internet browser I should use to make my OIS operations seamless and the most efficient?

You can use Chrome, Mozilla, Safari to make your OIS operations fluently. Using internet explorer could create some issues on some screens.

6 - When I request a student certificate a white screen appears and I cannot see the apply for document button.

You can reach your previously requested documents from “Documents  Online Document Request” You will be able to see your list of requested documents and you can cancel the ones you want with the delete button. If you would like to request a new document you can click on the “Request new document” button above on the list.

7 - I cannot reach to my e-mails via my OIS account.

The conflict between two accounts will be solved after you activate your OIS account and change your password and you will be able to reach your e-mail account.

8 - I click “forgot my password” section but I do not receive text message.

This problem might be occurring because if your previous or unused phone number is registered on the system. Updating your phone number via student affairs directory will solve the problem.

9 - I cannot see who my advisor is on OIS.

You can find your advisors’ name from the “Documents  Course programme section.

10 - I cannot apply for dispatch postponing document on OIS.

You can request your dispatch postponing document from the directory of student affairs department.

11 - How can I reach to make-up exams schedule?

You can reach to make-up exams schedule via “Documents “Make-up exams schedule when it is prepared by the academic committee