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Staff’s SAP FAQs

1 - How do I access the Fiori system?

You may access the system through “” web link, clicking on the staff tab via entering your OIS username and password.

2 - I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You need to choose the “Staff” as the user group from the pop-up window that appears on the main page ( and click on “Forgot Password”. Your new password will be sent to the mobile number and e-mail address registered in the system once you enter your user name and national identification number.

3 - I requested a new password through clicking on “Forgot Password”, yet I haven’t received any SMS. What should I do?

Academic personnel can contact Directorate of Academic Planning and administrative personnel can contact Directorate of Information Technologies Application and Development to update their current mobile phone number and/or national identification number.

4 - Which web browser should I use to access and complete my tasks efficiently on Fiori?

You can complete your tasks with efficiency using Chrome as your web browser.

5 - Who do I contact for technical support?

You can contact for technical support.

6 - I received an error code when I tried to log into my Fiori account and was directed to another page. What should I do?

To resolve this issue, please close the window and delete the history of your web browser. You can follow the steps below:

1. If you are directed to the page below when you try to log in, please close the current window first.

2. Then open a new blank window on your Chrome browser.
3. You need to click on CTRL+H and open the history window.
4. Please click on the “Clear Browsing Data” on the current window and click on “Clear Data” on the pop-up window once you choose the selected areas shown below.

5. You can try to log in again once you have followed all these steps.

7 - How do I access the examination report?

You can view the exam report on the window that appears when you select the relevant course within “My Final Program” app.

8 - How do I access my “Timetable”?

You can view that via the “BAU Timetable” app.

9 - How do I access the documents of the students as their advisor?

Once you choose the relevant student from your students list, you can view the transcript, report card the educational program of that student.

10 - How do I access my student account?

Once you log into the system with your staff account, you can also access your student applications if you have a student account. You do not need to log into via the student tab.