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Student’s SAP Fiori FAQ

1 - How do I access the Fiori system?

You may access the system through “” web link, clicking on the student tab via entering your OIS username and password.

2 - I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You need to choose the “Student” as the user group from the pop-up window that appears on the main page ( and click on “Forgot Password”. Your new password will be sent to the mobile number registered in the system once you enter your user name, student number and date of birth.

3 - How do I reset my current password?

You can reset your current password by navigating to the “Change Password” within “My Info” app.

4 - I requested a new password through clicking on “Forgot Password”, yet I haven’t received any SMS. What should I do?

That problem occurs when an inactive mobile number has been registered in the system instead of your current mobile phone number. You can contact Student Affairs and update your mobile phone number.

6 - I received an error code when I tried to log into my Fiori account and was directed to another page. What should I do?

To resolve this issue, please close the window and delete the history of your web browser. You can follow the steps below:

1. If you are directed to the page below when you try to log in, please close the current window first.

2. Then open a new blank window on your Chrome browser.
3. You need to click on CTRL+H and open the history window.
4. Please click on the “Clear Browsing Data” on the current window and click on “Clear Data” on the pop-up window once you choose the selected areas shown below.

5. You can try to log in again once you have followed all these steps.

7 - How do I reset my e-mail and mobile phone number registered in the system?

Once you log into Fiori, you can update your registered mobile phone number and personal e-mail address via the “Registration” tab under “My Info” app.

8 - Is there a fee for the documents requested via the request document app?

Only the official transcipt in a sealed envelope costs 5 Turkish Lira. All the other documents are free.

9 - How do I find out who my advisor is?

You can access your advisor’s name and e-mail address via the “Registration” tab under “My Info” app.

10 - How do I change the address information registered in “My Info” app?

You need to contact Student Affairs to update your address, identity and health-related information.

11 - How can I access my educational program?

You can review the educational program of your department from the link

12 - I cannot access my e-mail inbox through my Fiori account. What should I do?

You cannot access your e-mail inbox through Fiori. You can follow the steps on to access your e-mails.

13 - Who do I contact for technical support?

If you are experiencing a system-related problem, you can report your problem from "Report a Problem" application at SAP Fiori system.

14 - Who do I contact for academic issues?

You should contact your advisor for academic issues.

15 - I cannot access my Itslearning account. What should I do?

You can follow the steps on

16 - I cannot see my other student number. What should I do?

With the transition to the SAP system, you can perform transactions with a single student number. Every student now has 1 student number.

17 - Where can I view the lessons and credits I need to complete to graduate?

You can display your academical status from "Graduation Requirements" application at the SAP Fiori system ( ). Also, the counterpart of the slots in OIS is "Graduation Requirements" in SAP.